SAP2000 U-shaped metallic damper

SAP2000 – FEM Model for Cyclic Inelastic Response of an U-shaped metallic damper. A simple, smart, efficient, minimalist damper. Passive energy dissipation system to dynamic control of structures.
Nonlinear Direct Integration with an Imposed Displacement Load, nonlinear material behaviour and nonlinear geometry effect. Nonlinear Buckling. Initial geometry imperfection. Static and Dynamic nonlinear analysis.

Reference for U-shaped damper:
U-shaped metallic-yielding damper in building structures: Seismic behavior and
comparison with a friction damper
Saman Bagheri, Majid Barghian, Farhad Saieri, Ali Farzinfar
Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


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